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Pork Leg Steaks

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Perfect for introducing yourself to our primal pork steaks, the steaks offer lean character and rich, juicy flavours. As such, they’re ideal for easy mid week meals, or Saturday night treats, with the pork showcasing the quality of our "Piggy bank" range and native breed pigs, that are allowed to mature at their own pace on hearty grass based diets.

As you are buying direct from the farmer all weights are approximate. No perfect supermarket cuts here! 

Customer Reviews

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Really nice any fat melts away whilst cooking and leaves a really juicy steak! A regular in our order now.

Meaty pork

Slow grilled with herbs, sea salt and pepper, accompanied by new potatoes, steamed veg and the mandatory Yorkshire pud! Totally different to shop bought steak. This is more meaty and has an earthy taste. There was hardly any fat in the bottom of the grill pan either, just lovely meat juices to make the gravy. Finished off with a generous dollop of homemade apple and cranberry sauce. Fabulous. I’ll be buying these again.