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Primal Eggs (currently only available on local delivery!) - Primal Grazing - Pasture Raised - Stacey's Larder - East Sussex
Pasture field diagram by Primal Grazing for fresh eggs

Fresh Eggs (currently only available on local delivery)

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***currently only available on local delivery, this is within 10 miles of Scaynes Hill***

Our primal eggs come from our pasture-raised hens who live in bespoke Eggmobiles. They are rotated to fresh pasture every other day giving the chickens a new area to explore and new bugs and grass to eat. In return, the hens leave behind plenty of chicken manure which is an amazing fertiliser and helps us to generate the soil and its fertility.  

According to a study from the 2007 Mother Earth News' egg testing study, Pastured eggs can have up to 

  • 1/3 less Cholesterol
  • 1/4 less Saturated Fat 
  • 2/3 more Vitamin A 
  • 2 times more Omega 3 Fatty Acids 
  • 3 times more Vitamin E
  • 7 times more Beta Carotene
  • 4-6 times more Vitamin D 

The diagram to the left explains the required standard for space per chicken in m², and shows how much more space our pasture-raised hens have!

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Karen Leggett

We are delighted with the fresh eggs and would recommend.


Lovely little eggs, will be buying again for sure

Ceri Williams

Love these eggs. So fresh and tasty

JackieColvin Colvin
Great eggs and good service

First try using Stacey’s Larder and will definitely use again!

Nigel Grace
Wonderful eggs

so fresh and wholesome