Stobart Farming

Tom & Jimmy are brothers who farm in the Eden Valley area of the lake district in Cumbria. Their farm is a mixed hill farm starting at 600ft above sea level on our clover and herb rich swards, rising up to 2000ft on their extensively farmed heather moor that is also in a HLS natural England stewardship scheme.

Their passion is to produce healthy animals and healthy soils. They believe the two are intransigently linked to human health and wellbeing. A huge part of this is to mimic nature with their techno and paddock grazing systems that move animals daily on to fresh pasture, allowing the pasture to recover and sequester carbon.

Their cattle and sheep eat a diet of 100% grass, clover & herbs, whilst their happy pigs spend their lives roaming in the piggy pasture aptly named ‘the piggy bank’, rooting around native scrub and bringing out their inner piggyness.

"We are excited to be working with Primal Grazing and other like minded farmers to bring honest, sustainable food to your table."