Primal Grazing

What is Primal Grazing? 

Primal Grazing is effectively an online butchers where we can sell our pasture raised meat and eggs direct to the customer with no middle man. We are also able to show the customers exactly where their food has come from, no fake farm names here just a traceable and trustworthy product.

What is pasture raised?

For us pasture raised means that our animals are allowed to express their natural behaviours. They are rotationally grazed and are seasonally finished on grass with no soya or GMO products being fed. By moving the livestock daily onto fresh pasture this allows the grass to recover and also helps to sequester carbon, creating a more sustainable environment.

Why is grass finished better?

Grass finished means animals are reared at a slower pace and not pumped full of concentrate to achieve faster growth rates and higher finishing weights. The slower maturation on grass really adds to the flavour.

Why is the meat frozen?

By freezing the meat we are able to ensure that all our animals are raised seasonally and pasture finished. We feed grass silage and hay through the winter to our cattle and grass only to our sheep. We can also rear all our chickens on pasture during the season and maintain their more natural lifestyle and not have to worry about meeting specific growth rates through the winter period. Once the animal has been processed by our butchers the meat is immediately frozen. This seals in the freshness and allows us farmers to get the meat direct to the customer, without having to go through a massive supply chain and sit on the supermarket shelf or in the butcher's window.

Why partner farms?

By working closely together with other farms who share our Primal Grazing values, we are able to deliver our mouth watering products from our pastures to your door. We each specialise in a particular product, we know our animals and we know them well!

These relationships allow us to cut out the middlemen and give you a traceable product that you can trust.