Pearson Farming


Pearson Farming is a grass based farming company run by the Pearson family in north-west Wales. The owners, Sam and Angharad Pearson are passionate about livestock production from grass. Since the company was founded in 2015 in addition to a grass based dairy business they have evolved to create a novel and sustainable, pasture raised beef production system near their home in Llansannan.

The all pasture farm is nestled in the heart of traditional livestock farming country, look West and the magnificent Snowdonia mountain range crests the horizon with both Snowdon and the Carneddau visible from every part of the farm. Closer you have the rolling hills of Gwytherin, Llansannan and Llangernyw. Steeped in tradition and unchanged for centuries the parish is broken into Welsh family farms, all dedicated to livestock production. The climate in this area of Conwy county is suited to grass production, fertile soils and consistent rainfall enables grass to grow for 10 months of the year creating the perfect environment for producing the very best quality beef using native-breed cattle.

The Pearson family took a modern approach to a traditional system by introducing farming techniques of precision rotational grazing most commonly practiced in New Zealand and South America which allows the livestock, during the 24 month growth and finishing phase, to be moved daily to a new, fresh allocation of grass. This stimulates the cattle's appetite and with careful management enhances the farm environment by maintaining a consistent canopy of grass plants across the farm throughout the year, harnessing sunlight and improving the soil with deep root growth which is only really achieved during the resting phase of a grazing cycle.

A combination of the special farm management techniques and a lifetime of stockmanship skills built up by the couple who are both born and bred from livestock farming backgrounds have meant that their production system is making waves locally. A crucially important factor to achieving the best quality meat according to Sam and Angharad and a part they are particularly proud of is the low stress handling of the animals on the day they are processed for beef. The cattle are corralled and drafted for processing when finished at 28-30 months of age, they make a short journey to a local family run butcher facility and Sam personally ensures low stress handling to the point of a swift and instantaneous stunning. The cattle don't wait at the facility prior to processing, neither do they mix with unfamiliar cattle from other farms prior to being stunned. A sense of duty and passion for the job by Sam and Angharad ensure the transition from livestock to food product is swift and without stress.

Customers are now signing up to pre-order their beef early in the season, viewing it as an opportunity to enjoy finest quality meat and to know a little about the provenance and production of their meat which somehow makes it taste even better. With the recent acquisition in partnership with another family member of a catering outlet locally the Pearson family are showcasing their beef products by cooking and serving them to local customers and visitors, in the small village of Penrhyndeudraeth.