Our Partner Farms

By working closely together with like minded farmers who share our values we are able to deliver our fantastic products from our pastures to your doors. These relationships allow us to cut out the middlemen and bring you a traceable product that you can see the story behind and trust.

Click an image below to learn more about the farms we work with.

AP Farming Stacey's Larder Partner Farmer J.Pitman Ltd Stacey's Larder Partner Farmer
Pearson Farming Stacey's Larder Partner Farmer Stobart Farming Stacey's Larder Farm Partner
Limden Brook Organic Farm Parter to Stacey's Larder East Sussex

Alongside our partner farmers, we also have our own farm called Primal Grazing. Read all about our story here, and discover everything you need to know about how we raise our animals here