Our Animals

Curious where your food comes from? Well, we're proud to share everything about how we raise our animals at Primal Grazing, before making them available to you at Stacey's Larder. 

Click each image below to learn about our:

Cows | Chickens | Laying Hens | New Season Lamb | Hoggett & Mutton | Pigs

Organic Beef at Stacey's larder East Sussex Grass Fed Chicken from Primal Grazing at Stacey's Larder Forest Row East Sussex
Primal Grazing Hens lay Free Range Eggs for Stacey's Larder New Season Lamb for Stacey's Larder Farm Shop East Sussex
Hoggett and Mutton from Primal Grazing Available at Stacey's Larder Forest Row About Primal Grazing Pork sold at Stacey's Larder in East Sussex

Alongside producing our own meat at Primal Grazing, we also love to work with local farmers to give our customers a range of organic and ethically sourced produce.