Limden Brook Organic

Limden Brook Organic is a family-run farm. Sam and Becky Newington (with help from 9 year old son James and quite a few other family members!), have a permanent grazing pasture which includes some water meadows right in the middle of the East Sussex High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Limden Brook Organic Beef Farm East Sussex

 On the farm they run a mob grazing system to improve livestock and soil health. They're also in the process of implementing a similar grazing system on land rented from a neighbour who shares their passion for organic and regenerative agriculture. They work closely with the High Weald AONB Unit as part of their goal to promote regenerative agriculture and support High Weald farmers wanting to move from a conventional to a regenerative system. 

They're mindful of how their farming practices impact their local and greater environment and aim to look after and improve their soil health through these practices. "There are more organisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on the planet, and we feel these little critters need our help too!"

They've recently tested the organic soil matter on the farm to enable them to monitor the carbon storage in their soils. An increase in soil Carbon has the bonus of increasing the amount of water storage in the land.

Limden Brook Organic Beef Farm East Sussex

On a recent visit by the Sussex Wildlife Trust to the water meadows and surrounding pastureland, they spotted 13 different types of dragon and damselflies along with a multitude of other wildlife inhabitants and visitors including dormice, roe and fallow deer, nightingales and cuckoos as well as various birds of prey and invertebrates. The diverse range of flowers including early purple Orchids and bluebell woods alongside grasses, clovers and flowering trees provide a perfect habitat for many bee species.

Limden Brook Organic Beef Farm East Sussex

Sam says, "We are lucky enough to be positioned in a highly wooded part of the country and are taking steps towards incorporating Agroforestry practices within our grazing systems. With the involvement of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, we are currently planting even more trees to provide health benefits to the livestock as well as the wider environment.

We believe that by sustainably growing our livestock, we not only can positively impact the land that we farm but also provide healthier produce to those who consume it."

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