AP Farming

The Ayles Family

AP Farming was founded in June 2012 by Jack and Stacey. It is a contract farming company that has been managing dairy herds in Dorset, Cornwall and Sussex.


In 2016, Jack won the Cream Awards' Young Farmer of the Year award and went on to win the Farm Business Awards Young Farmer of the Year too!


Jack and Stacey currently manage a herd of 270 dairy cows in Sussex, which supplies milk to Latchetts Farm Ice Cream.


By thinking of ways to improve the system and maintain better soils and grass growth, they researched the idea of having chickens to graze the pasture behind the dairy heifers. The heifers eat the longer pasture first and after field rotation, the chickens come to eat the shorter grass, scratch the soil and look for bugs and worms in the manure. By utilising mobile chicken tractors, the chicken manure is spread around the paddocks, helping the grass grow and reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.


"This where the idea of Primal Grazing came from, so we can bring our fantastic, high welfare and sustainable product, to your door!


Primal Grazing has given us the platform to be able to link with like minded farmers, who are willing to share their stories and successes, bringing the best, sustainable products to your table!"