The Smokey Carter

The Smokey Carter team are husband and wife; Howard and Samantha Carter. They met in 2005 while working onboard luxury cruise ships, Howard was a ‘Photog’* and Sam was a ‘Shoppie’*. “We travelled the Eastern Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean seas, all over Greece, the various ports of Central America, New York, Canada & Norway. Our love of food, culture, travel and sunshine, results in the little business you see before you today.”

Now based in sunny Manchester in the North West of England. You can often find them at various farmers markets in the surrounding area, dreaming of the good old days, planning their next trip aboard and wondering what to have for dinner. Smokey is their little piggie mascot. “We just adore pigs. With their little pale pink pot bellys, lying out in the sun relaxing, we are a lot like them in that respect. We also love cats, we only have one at the moment, and believe it or not, she’s not called Smokey.